The semi-feeding and full-feeding grain combine harvester has the characteristics of complicated structure, high fuselage height and high construction cost, and also has short operating time and long parking time. If maintenance cannot be done well after the completion of work, the storage work during parking will greatly shorten the service life of the combine harvester due to corrosion, aging, deformation and improper storage, and will also increase maintenance and production costs. Therefore, it is recommended that the operator should maintain and store the grain combine harvester after the end of the operation period in accordance with the following technical specifications. 1. Remove stalks, weeds, etc. that are wrapped around the rotating parts, cutters, pulleys, chains, etc. (2) Remove all the electrical equipment easily removed, do not easily remove the waterproof treatment. 3. Wash the appearance of the harvester with high-pressure water, wash dirt and other dirt attached to it, wash it dry or wipe it with a dry towel, and then wipe it again with a towel that is stained with diesel oil. Note that during the process of cleaning the whole machine, don't touch the electrical parts with water. 4. The rotating parts and friction parts, chains, cables and other parts should be fully filled with oil to prevent rust. 5. Purge the remaining grass grain in various parts of the harvester with a pump to ensure that there are no grains remaining in various parts of the harvester to prevent rats from being caught and to bite off the electric wires and belts. 6. The paint should be painted off with a new paint to prevent corrosion. 7. Store in a well-ventilated, rain-proof place, preferably in a dedicated storage shed. If you store it outdoors, cover it with a waterproof cloth to prevent sun and rain. 8. Put down the harvesting table and pad it well. The crawler also needs to be well-paved. The wheel type harvester needs to use a jack to lift the frame and use a wooden pile to fasten the frame near the tire so that the tire is 10 to 50 mm from the ground and the tire gas is released 2/3, that is, the tire pressure during storage is at work One-third of the standard pressure can be. This relieves unnecessary load and fatigue of the tire fibers and prolongs the service life of the tire. 9. Remove all the belts, apply talcum powder, hang in a cool and ventilated place in the warehouse; remove the drive chain, soak it in diesel oil first, brush it with kraft paper, and store it in a dry place inside the warehouse. 10. Remove electrical appliances such as generators, motors, batteries and headlights and store them in the warehouse. The battery shall not be placed sideways or upside down, and other objects shall not be placed on it. After the electrolyte is replenished to the specified liquid level, the battery shall be charged and stored in a dry place without direct sunlight. The ambient temperature of the storage place shall not be lower than 0°C. . Charged once a month in the summer or two months in the winter. If it is stored on the machine, it must be removed. 11. After the harvester is parked properly, heat the oil in the crankcase of the engine. When the water temperature drops below 50°C, turn on the water release switch in the radiator and the cylinder block to release the cooling water. 12. Relax all the springs so that they will not be compressed or stretched. The piston rod of each hydraulic cylinder should be retracted into the cylinder to make it in a non-operating position. If the piston rod has a bare part, it should be coated with oil. To be wrapped. 13. In order to avoid moisture and dust in the air from entering the engine, plastic bags can be used to wrap tightly the fuel tank, crankcase and hydraulic fuel tank fill ports, air filter intake ports, and exhaust pipe exhaust ports. Author unit: Qinghe Town Agricultural Machinery Station, Tonghe County, Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Machinery Station, Nonghe Town, Tonghe County, Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station, Tonghe County, Heilongjiang Province

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