Description of Products Batteries are widely used in communications, transportation, power, metal, computer networks, emergency lighting systems, and electric bicycles. They are the most widely used batteries. There are two kinds of new lead-acid storage batteries that are maintenance-free, and ordinary batteries. However, regardless of the type of battery, its service life is within 1-3 years, and its cycle charge and discharge is about 300 times. When the battery is used for a long time, the capacity is reduced, and it is difficult for the battery to be charged. As a result, the battery may be damaged or even scrapped. The used battery will also cause lead pollution to the environment. China's annual retirement of 80 million batteries, a county-level city every year to scrap about 10,000 batteries (batteries), and a medium-sized city each year scrapped up to about 50,000 batteries. In fact, these batteries only have problems with the electrodes, and most of the components and chemical materials can be used. Therefore, the maintenance of its new dimension has a very high profit. Take the refurbishment of vehicle batteries as an example. Open a car used battery repair shop, you can rent a 10 square meters of space, or your own home can also, the equipment only needs a multimeter, a hydrometer, a charger and a variety of chemical raw materials, etc., the total investment is not Nothing to 1000. A 200-600 yuan waste animal battery repair costs 3-15 yuan, the fee is 50-100 yuan; repair a worth about 100 yuan waste battery, the cost is 0.3-1 yuan, and the fee is 15-30 yuan , so the profit is relatively high. This project adopts the latest technology, maintenance does not need to open the battery bottle body, only a few chemical raw materials and a simple method can be used to repair the battery dimension. After the general battery is repaired, it can be used for at least another 1-2 years. Maintain the battery for at least three years. Every year at least a net profit of 100,000 yuan can be obtained. Take the battery on an electric bicycle as an example, the price is 500 yuan, but after using 1-2 years, the battery will be scrapped, and the bicycle will be scrapped. If at this time you will repair the battery (cost about 5 yuan), the minimum fee is 100 yuan, and people are extremely happy. Engaging in new battery maintenance, you don't need to open a store. You can entrust a number of motorcycles and auto repair departments to collect and dispose of used batteries and perform repairs. (If someone else repairs the car, if the battery is scrapped, you can encourage others to participate in maintenance. It is more cost-effective than buying a new one. If operated properly, a county can earn 150,000 yuan in net profit. At present, few people operate this project. Technology Transfer: This technology transfer fee is 380 yuan

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