Introduction of On-Line Moisture Measurement Instrument In the production process of wood, paper, grain, ceramics, building materials, chemical and other industrial sectors, it is necessary to measure and control the moisture content of solid materials on-line, quickly and continuously. Material moisture is a very common and One of the important monitoring and control parameters. MMI-2 "Online Moisture Analyzer" Compared with other instruments for measuring moisture, it has the following characteristics: 1. Non-contact measurement, no effect on the transmission line, no trouble to the operation (spacing 1cm) 2 It can continuously measure the moisture content of moving and stationary materials, and is especially suitable for on-line monitoring. 3, can not only determine the moisture, but also output signals for record, and can form an automatic feedback control system. 4, the instrument is simple to install, easy to use. 5, using digital circuits for signal processing, long-term stable work. Technical performance: 1, moisture measurement range: 0-80% 0%-1% Accuracy: 0.01%
1%-5% Accuracy: 0.1%
5%-20% Accuracy: 0.5%
20%-40% Accuracy: 1%
40%-80% Accuracy: 2%
2, working conditions: less than 85% RH
Machine ambient temperature: -10°C~+55°C
Probe operating temperature: less than 100°C
3, Power: 220V 50HZ AC
4, Power: 12W Control box dimensions (mm): 350 (L) 250 (W) 80 (H) Probe size (mm): 100 (φ) 300 (L) Working principle and characteristics: The instrument uses microwave principle to measure The moisture content of solid materials has strong penetrability. The measured water content is the overall water content (center and surface) of the measured object; it has strong anti-interference ability, free from temperature, light, color, steam, dust, etc. Influence; Output analog signal, can form water closed loop control system. Installation requirements for on-line dynamic measurement: 1. The sensor is installed on the part where the moisture content of the material needs to be measured, and the sensor is substantially perpendicular or parallel to the measured material surface. And maintain a distance of about 1cm, 2 information processor installation base can not have vibration, otherwise it will damage the instrument. Precautions during use: Regardless of whether the moisture meter sensor is installed above the electronic belt weigher or above the vibrating conveyor and the belt conveyor, the materials are required to be continuous and uniform and have a certain thickness, otherwise the water content of the moisture meter will not be displayed. Stable, even unable to work.

Keep the distance between the measured material and the instrument sensor within 1cm. If the material surface fluctuates up and down, add a scraper upstream of the measurement point to keep the material surface stable, or install a protective cover outside the sensor.

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