First, the chicken house temperature suitable temperature for layer winter chicken is 13 °C ~ 23 °C. Below 4°C, egg production will drop significantly, and at 0°C it will stop production. In winter, the temperature of the house is too low, and even if it feeds the full-price feed chicken, it cannot produce eggs. In order to allow laying hens to live at a suitable temperature in winter, the insulation of the hen house should be strengthened. The ceiling, walls, doors and windows should be kept tight. When the temperature is too low, the fire wall can be used for heating. Second, the lighting of the sheds The lighting time of the winter broiler houses is 14 to 16 hours a day. If the natural light is insufficient, the light can be used to supplement the light, and the light time is gradually increased. Third, the chicken house air and temperature in accordance with the status of the layer of chickens and poultry house humidity, proper ventilation, in order to maintain fresh air. The sheds are best covered with padding, which is both warm and hygroscopic, and is often replaced with clean, dry new litter. 4. It is advisable to raise 5 to 6 eggs per square meter in a reasonable breeding house to ensure that the house is clean and dry and the air is fresh. Feeding full-rate feeds, especially the supply of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, is recommended for feeding 3 to 4 times a day. A little bit of grain feed can be added every evening.

We can customize different size bale net for you to fit any sized bale.

If your bale size is 4` high by 5` wide then you need a MEDIUM SIZED NET that measures 5` x 7`.

If your bale size is 5` high by 6` wide then you need a LARGE SIZED NET that measures 6` x 8`.

bale net for baler

1.23m Width Bale Wrap Netting

1.23m Width*3000m(4') bale wrap netting, silage bale net, corn wrap netting

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