First, the choice of species of species can be selected from the self-support. In the breeding season (May-September), the larger yellow crickets are selected and placed in breeding ponds for breeding. If there are two or more batches of pods of different sizes, the females can be selected from the smaller pods and the male pods can be selected from the larger pods. 2. The input density of Seed hoppers in breeding ponds for breeding of species should be 6 to 10 per square meter. Some dwarf grass plants can be planted on the mud piles in the pool, and the tall plants affect the fresh pond lighting and affect the reproduction of the yellow peony. Third, after feeding the species into the pond, the species are generally not fed for the first 2 days, and a small amount of earthworms are bred on the third day to facilitate attracting. Set the feeding pool of the seed pond to the inlet hole. Feeding time can be 1 to 2 hours before dark, after feeding, open the inlet pipe, so that the feed breath with the flow of water throughout the pool to attract species to feed. After eating jaundice normally, other feeds may be added as appropriate. Mix the other feeds in the pots before feeding, and allow them to crawl for a period of one hour so that the other feeds have a strong smell. Other feeds should gradually increase. It is advisable to have the amount of feed not to be left after eating, and it is found that there is residue that should be removed the next morning. Fourth, the management of spawning period 1. The completion of ovarian production: The production of ovary completion means that spawning will take place in about three days. During this time, the visit of outsiders should be stopped and the input should be light. During this period, there are two jaundice probes in the mouth. If there are other eagles close to each other, then the original male locust will be violently attacked. Generally, the offender will retreat without attacking, and there will be more powerful ones instead. 2. The emergence of bubbles: Once there is a bubble in the mouth, it is proved that the scutellaria will spawn in about 1 day. 3. Female cockroach exits the nest: If only one sting of the stingray probe is found in the mouth, it is proved that the cockroach has completed its spawning and has left. After 5 to 7 days, the seedlings will be hatched. 5. The seedlings of the seedlings can be harvested within 5 days after hatching. The water temperature in the seedling cultivation tank should be the same as the seed pond temperature (with a difference of no more than 2°C). When using the small net made of fine gauze, the movement should be agile, so as not to affect the fishing seedlings due to the attack of the nursery species. Spawning species should be carefully fed, and a second spawning operation can be performed approximately 20 days later.

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