The new matrix-environmental dry rice seedlings technology uses abandoned rice hulls to replace dried rice seedlings by processing instead of excavating upland soils, garden soils, and mountainous humus soils, eliminating the need for a large amount of soil transport and soil screening workload. Destruction of plough layer soil and mountain vegetation. At the same time, the occurrence of soil-borne diseases has been avoided, comprehensive utilization of rice hulls has been achieved, and turning waste into treasure. The main technical points are as follows: 1 The pre-planting preparation should select leeward sunny, flat terrain, well-drained water, convenient construction of large and medium sheds, and a new matrix-raising field. Both the artificial hand sowing and the mechanical sowing of the sowing field and the Honda ratio both calculated the seeding rate by 1:100. The greenhouse is 2.2m high, 6~7m wide, and the distance between the sheds is 1.5m. The middle shed is 1.5m high and 5-6m wide. Drain the ditch between the shed and the shed. The bed edge is built 5cm high above the bed. Prepare 0.5kg of nutrient for new substrate nursery per square meter of nursery area, and prepare 26.7-30kg of rice husk with 40-50mm aperture sieve per acre. It is better to store rice husks and stack them in water for six months. 2 Rice husks, smashing and smashing, adding water, storage and storage of rice husks stored for six months before sowing, soaking in water for 2 days before sowing, to ensure sufficient water absorption, the sowing head will remove water from the soaked rice husks one evening, and evenly mix after water control. mix. Put the plate to be placed on the substrate, thickness 2cm, the upper part should be flat, compacted with a plate or made with a mortar; before the sowing, it is poured once again. 3 Seeds and treatments According to the local accumulated temperature and other ecological conditions, select the suitable high-yield, high-quality, strong resistance and strong varieties. The purity is not less than 98%, the germination rate is not less than 97%, and the water content is not higher than 15%. Before soaking, select sunny days for 1 to 2 days, turning 3 to 4 times a day. The selected seeds were diluted with 25% SPK (100 g), added with 50 kg of water, soaked in water at 15 to 16°C for 5 to 7 days, and stirred twice a day. The soaked seeds will be broken at 30-32°C. When the seeds are broken by about 80%, the temperature will be reduced to 25°C to germinate, and the seeds should be turned frequently. When the bud length is 1 to 2 mm, cool the bud to 15 to 20°C. 4 sowing and covering sowing can be 5 to 7 days earlier than conventional nursery. The disk seedling machine inserts 100 to 125 g of seeded shoots per dish. The uniform seed was beaten with mash. The soaked rice hulls are sprinkled on top of the seeds. The rice hulls covering the seeds should be loose but not clumped and dried without smoke. The thickness is 0.3 to 0.5 cm. After covering the seed, spray it with a sprayer. Put all the rice husks thoroughly, cover them with a cover, and then cover the mulch with water. The mulch film should be soiled tightly with surrounding soil to prevent water evaporation and ensure moisture before emergence. 5 Seedbed Management 5.1 Temperature Management Sealing and sowing before planting until emergence, from the pre-emergence to the one-leaf one-heart period, pay attention to start ventilation and hardening seedlings. The temperature in the booth does not exceed 28°C. Seedlings 1.5 to 2.5 leaf stage, gradually increase ventilation, greenhouse temperature control in 20 ~ 25 °C, to prevent high temperature burning seedlings and seedlings leggy. Seedlings 2.5 to 3.0 leaf stage, so that the night cover cover, cover temperature control to 20 °C. When encountering low temperature and freezing damage, it is necessary to increase the covering and keep it warm. 5.2 Moisture Management Check the seedlings every 2 days prior to sowing and check for signs of dryness. Make sure that the seedlings need water. Seedlings emerged in time to see the green film on time, and the water was poured every 2 days before emergence to 1.5 leaf stage. 1.5 roots after the initial root elongation can be watered 1 to 3 days. 5.3 Seedlings of seed dressings in the seedlings in the 2.5 leaf stage, if they are found to lack of fertilizer, per square meter with 25g of ammonium sulfate or urea 10g diluted 100 times foliar spray, spraying with water spray after washing seedlings. 5.4 2 to 3 days before the prevention of leaf miner's sowing, spray 10kg of water to 10kg, spray 100 square meters of seedbed, and take Shimoda.

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